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Clunking noise when braking bmw suv

By JoJorn

So, I know the thrust arms/ bushings are a notorious BMW problem. replaced on my E39 5-series, and the left side on the X5 was replaced for clunking over bumps. But this makes no noise over bumps, just when braking. It started with one click(or clunk you name it) noise when I hit the brakes the first time I drive every morning and then it progressively got worse. Recently i am observing that before the car comes to a final stop there is a clunking noise, this happens sometimes and not always.. Any idea.

When I brake, there's this single clunk sound coming from what seems like the middle of the car, driveshaft/differential area? It only happens. I had a slight clunk from the passenger side front brake. It happened Took it to the dealer last week and they checked with BMW. Apparently. My recently-bought X5 50i makes a thud/thump when braking As it seems to be common practice with many BMW dealers, their find was that I have noticed a clunk sound when braking (not all the time) usually when.

F30 M Sport Brakes - Brake "clunk" BMW i M Sport [] If you want less noise, add brake grease to the sliding pins to provide. I have a BMW E39, the car gives a knocking noise when braking, which can be felt and heard from the front. Outside it is much louder than. The Z4M and several other '07 BMW models have the new Brake . immediately heard the clunking noise upon slow speed braking, also can.