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How to mix in key dj wheel

By Tausho

Mixed In Key will instantly feed your results to your DJ software, giving you the Example of Harmonic Mixing Rules with the Camelot Wheel and Mixed In Key. Energy Boost Mixing: Official Tutorial for DJs Go +2 on the Camelot wheel You'll see the Mixed In Key Results and Energy Levels in your favorite DJ. Harmonic Mixing is an advanced technique used by top DJs all over the world. By mixing tracks that are in the same or related keys, harmonic mixing enables.

Software like Rapid Evolution 3, BeaTunes and Mixed in Key will do this for you Key mixing is made easier for DJs with the Camelot wheel. DJs talk all the time about taking people on a “journey”, but to really create a musical story it's First things first, if you're not up to speed on mixing “in key” then check out this article for a . An enhanced Camelot Wheel.