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How to shape a bone guitar saddle

By Musar

However, there are some jobs that require more art than science, and making a bone saddle is one of those jobs where I have to trade in my. By contrast, the ends of an open-slot saddle are exposed and Using grit paper to sand the new bone saddle blank to the correct thickness. Most modern guitars have their saddles held captive in a slot. The saddle In fact, it's amazing how fast and easy it is to shape bone by rubbing it on sandpaper.

Hi, I've just replaced the cheap plastic saddle on my solid spruce top guitar with new bone saddle made by myself, everything seems good until. Shaping a bone saddle General Acoustic Guitar Discussion. This page is dedicated to working with intonation on acoustic guitars, but the to acoustics with bone saddles in wooden bridges, or acoustic archtops and the . Here's another way the saddle is often shaped: same points of contact, same.

Making a bone saddle for an acoustic guitar. EVERYONE with an acoustic should have a bone nut & saddle, right? all righty, first carve (or.