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Tsagaglalal she who watches tsagaglalal

By Dunris

The Native American name of She Who Watches is Tsagaglalal. There is a legend about the art's origin that is hauntingly prophetic of the impact humans have. A woman was chief of all who lived in this region. That was a long time before Coyote came up the river and changed things, and the people. Tsagaglalal (She Who Watches) looks down on the Columbia River from the Put there by Coyote to look after her people at Her own request, She is there still.

She Who Watches, whose Native name is Tsagaglal, is an image created in stone. Unlike most of the rock images found in the region, which are either rock. She Who Watches Hike. From Oregon Hikers Field Guide. She Who Watches ( Tsagaglalal), Horsethief Lake (bobcat). Horsethief Butte from the. Collection information about She Who Watches (Tsagaglalal);.

The famous Tsagaglalal, "She Who Watches", Native American rock art is a combination of two styles, a petroglyph (carved into the rock) and. Jan 18, The Legend of Tsagaglalal (She Who Watches) | Gathering the Stories. Description. Tsagiglalal, “She Who Watches” still looks out across the Columbia River from the basalt cliff where she was painted by Chinookan People.