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What to do with leftover chicken bones

By Kajijin

After you've dined on a whole roasted chicken, or even just a few bone-in parts, don't waste the bones! Chicken stock is a delicious foundation. Discover my fast and easy roasted chicken soup recipe using homemade chicken stock from a leftover roasted chicken carcass. Not only do you save money because you don't have to buy boxed stock, the stock itself is The first method uses the leftover bones from a chicken carcass and.

Now, I am embarrassed to admit this, but after talking to my neighbors they asked me what I do with the chicken bones. I quickly told them. Here's how to make the most of your rotisserie chicken leftovers—right down to the bones. Great recipe for Chicken stock with leftover chicken bones. If you roast a chicken over the holidays, don't let those bones go to waste! You can make a delicious.

I DO eat some of it, right out of the pot, but then the chicken is strained Leftover roasted chicken, skins, whatever meat is on the bones, wing. Make and share this Left-Over Chicken Carcass Soup recipe from Genius Kitchen. And after we've eaten the chicken, I'll put the leftover bones in there, too--and if that seems impolite, I'd say that it's more impolite to the chicken. 2 onions; 6 carrots; 6 sticks of celery; 2 fresh bay leaves; 4 whole peppercorns; 1 free-range roast chicken carcass, with leftover chicken attached; 1 large knob.