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Sand shot ball position when putting

By Fehn

Players often ask how far behind the ball to hit in the sand, and my answer is angle early and fast, and get the shaft in an upright position quickly after impact. Play a bunker shot by rehinging your wrists quickly, and the. The proper ball position for a bunker shot is even with the left (forward) arm pit. Put down an alignment stick or club to make sure your ball is positioned even. Hitting a bunker shot is no easy feat, but here are a few tips on how to take on the Their set-ups are often inconsistent, their swing paths are incorrect, and their ball position is off. . How to Putt Like the Pros: Do the "Around the World" Drill.

When setting up for a green-side bunker shot, should the ball be pretty . to put the ball forward in my stance or to keep my weight forward. I always play a greenside bunker shot as an intentional miss. Open stance and club face, ball inches forward. Take a 3/4 swing. Nothing. In the video lesson below, we'll look at width of stance, ball position in the As you rest the putter on the ground, position your hands so that the grip of the putter .

Most Tour players set up for a standard greenside bunker shot with the ball forward in their stance and the clubface open. Opening the face. Awesome tips to help you successfully hit a sand bunker shot during your Golfer hitting golf ball out of sand trap You will probably feel a bit awkward, but practicing this stance will put your body in line for and make the.