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Ubin island singapore map where is singapore

By Yonris

There are lots of things you can do on Pulau Ubin island. bumboat for a taste of nature and rustic village life, away from the hustle of Singapore. See on map. Pulau Ubin, also simply known as Ubin, is an island situated in the north east of Singapore, Pulau Ubin first appeared on map in an sketch of the Island of Singapore as Pulo Obin and in Franklin and Jackson's map as Po. Ubin. Pulau Ubin is an island off eastern Singapore and often considered the last ' kampung' (village) in Singapore. A stroll through Ubin takes you back to Singapore.

This area map shows the north-western part of Pulau Ubin, one of the bigger islands belonging to Singapore. Pulau Ubin is a largely forested nature reserve. The island to the northeast of Singapore is the only place to see an example of the traditional kampong villages that once covered the city-state. It's a go-to spot. Explore the rustic, unspoiled beauty of Pulau Ubin to experience Singapore's.

We break down the best things to do on this offshore island. One of the two remaining kampongs in Singapore (the other being Kampong. Pulau Ubin island: Things you must see on your visit to Singapore. Handy to have in your pocket in case you get lost, you can return the map along with your. Pulau Ubin is an island located off Changi & one of Singapore's best kept secrets . Enjoying the serenity is one of the best things to do while in Singapore.