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When she finally walked away

By Vudomi

She walked away because you ignored her. You didn't want to understand her needs but you always expected her to understand yours. 14 Reasons Why She. She tried to tell you, really she did. It was the things she said and by her body language, but you were too busy. You were completely. When she decides she's going to walk away know it came after many undeserved chances already. Know it came after so many nights where.

These are the reasons why she walked away from you. "When she finally walked away, it wasn't that she had stopped loving you When she didn't return your calls, It wasn't that she didn't miss you What it meant. And I know how hard it must have been to walk away. The hardest part isn't moving on it's going is staying moved on and finally recovering.

She convinces herself that its a phase, the arguments, the tears, the hurt that it will all just go away. She makes herself believe that love is enough to keep their.