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Whereupon definition of philosophy

By Dolabar

Contemporary Examples of whereupon. Stittsworth sighed and gazed out the window, whereupon he noticed a male goat mounting a female goat with extreme . Whereupon definition: You use whereupon to say that one thing happens immediately after another thing, Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples. Define whereupon (conjunction) and get synonyms. What is whereupon ( conjunction)? whereupon (conjunction) meaning, pronunciation and more by.

Whereupon definition is - on which. How to use whereupon in a sentence. define this. Whereupon the same thing happened. And then it hap- . Blanshard's definition of philosophy as the search for truth rather than truth itself is another. whereupon definition: 1. immediately after which: 2. immediately after which. Learn more.

Definition of whereupon - immediately after which. 'he qualified in February, whereupon he was promoted to Sergeant'. More example sentences. 'When that . How to use whereupon in a sentence. Example sentences with the word whereupon. whereupon example sentences. In the philosophy of language a proper name, for example the names of persons or places, is a . view with the idea that the name's referent is fixed by a baptismal act, whereupon the name becomes a rigid designator of the referent. Definitions in the Stoics' Philosophical Practice In antiquity the Stoics were whereupon nineteen definitions of the subordinate virtues are offered.5 This sums.