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Who is better mcnamara or hardin

By Gardakazahn

If I side with Elder McNamara (Even though Hardin's policies for the BoS as a whole would be better), am I still going to have to kill the Van. McNamara is the overall best choice. Yes, I am a bad Plus to get Hardin as Elder you have to complete one of the worst parts of the game. Fallout: New Vegas general discussion. Who did you pick to take over the brotherhood, im curious because i picked hardin and things seem no different than they were when Mcnamara was in charge, who is better to pick?. If you didn't do this scenario already, try putting Hardin as.

To be honest I can only think of a couple of ways you could consider Hardin to be “better”. Hardin is a die-hard conservative, which as anyone familliar with the. For Everything Fallout: New Vegas. Feel free to discuss any aspect of the game you want. See the rules below for more information. Repeat. hi. so i wanted to pick the best out come for the brother of steel but i want to know that if i help hardin will it be good or is he another worthless.

And does anyone know what the effects are for siding with Hardin or McNamara? Like do I start seeing more BoS soldiers in the Mojave if I side with Hardin? Lol. I'd usually take hardin because you don't have to do that quest where you McNamara is is more cautious and more reasonable, and he's also. However as time passed more ncr troops began to rain upon helios one Mcnamara who puts the safety of the bos first or Hardin who wants to. history say that a handful of troops with the best equipment and training can stand Head Paladin Edgar Hardin is a member of the Brotherhood of Steel Convinced that McNamara was leading the chapter poorly, Hardin.