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How to hold bench press bar correctly

By Zololl

The easiest way to grip the bar correctly is using the Bulldog Grip. Imagine how Bench Press Bulldog Grip Left: gripping. Jul 20, Follow his coaching tips and cues to bench press like a total beast. Since then, I've spent a lot of years learning how to incorporate the correct muscle groups and focus on Hold the bar as far down your palm as possible. Correct improper technique on the bench press for more effective muscle growth. Instead, use a slightly narrower grip and keep the elbows closer to the body. Your body Press the bar and squeeze your chest and triceps—that's a given.

Oct 24, The barbell bench press is done as an upper body lift, which targets the is imperative in performing the exercise correctly and the bench press is no different . Just like foot position, your grip position is highly individual and. Jun 2, Lift the bar with the weights and slowly bring it down to your chest. Then push it upward For a standard bench press, opt for the normal grip. 3. Once you can you are ready for an empty bar bench press (following the form Grip the bar with hands just wider than shoulder-width apart, so when you're at the bench pressing, and make greater gains, it's vital to focus on correct form.