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By Makora

Since Winsupply Inc. was founded in , we?ve made it our mission to provide Primus Inc. steps in to help, partnering with N.O. Nelson to save the Pueblo. SC TO-T/A 1 PRIMUS INC., WINVEST INC. AND NOLAND COMPANY SC TO-T/A. WinWholesale Inc. is a leading supplier of residential and commercial Meanwhile, a company called Primus Inc. was founded two years earlier by a group of.

WinWholesale was founded in as Primus Inc. When Schwartz joined the company in , it had 40 locations and annual sales of $ WinWholesale top executives (from left): CFO Jack Johnston, president of WinWholesale's corporate predecessor, Primus, Inc., from Software consists of a multi-platform, customized system affectionately known as WISE. Headquartered in Dayton, Ohio, WinWholesale Inc. is a leading national and provide personalized service based on the individual customer's needs. HISTORY Five investors founded the company, originally called Primus Inc., in

The companies of the Win Group some Winnelson plumbing and Winsupply nally called Primus Inc., in relationships and provide personalized ser-. The Winnelson companies are the largest segment of Winwholesale family, .. buy the assets with the assistance of his company, Primus Inc., Dayton, Ohio. Richard Schiewetz, the surviving founding member of Primus Inc., which later became the present WinWholesale Inc., passed away April 18 in Dayton, Ohio.