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What does inherit mean on smugmug

By Yosida

I would like to set the privacy level for a top-level folder to Private but allow specific galleries within that folder to have a Public or Unlisted. Folders get the same privacy options that galleries do. By default, new galleries that you create will inherit the parent folder's privacy settings. Your Folder, Gallery, or Page Settings can be accessed from the Organizer. Galleries and Pages within a Folder inherit the privacy setting of the folder.

SmugMug gives you several privacy options that you can apply to any Gallery, Page, or Folder on your site. You can mix and match how visible or locked down y. Nobody else can see it, even if they try the link. The people you've selected also get a new, easy way to see the photos you've shared with. SmugMug takes your privacy very seriously. You can read our (very long and very legal) Official Privacy Policy, but we never spam and we don't give your pers. .

The SmugMug folks are working on a resolution but haven't yet found/ implemented a fix. /Jason. 0 . By "lock down" I mean Unlisted. If I make things private, Gallery: Public Visibility, People with Password (inherited) Access. 1) Unlisted visibility will no longer be inherited from the folder above it. to "". . BUT if you mean users need to choose for each gallery all the time -- please, no. In the Security & Sharing tab there are two sections: What do these terms (X and inherited) mean? Sebastian SmugMug Support Hero. 0. You can find what I mean here: . http://gallery. . The photo logo I'm using also inherits the border and drop shadow of the main gallery.