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What is distributed leadership theory

By Kizragore

Distributed cognition sits at the intersection of psychology, the theory of distributed cognition to understand leadership is. What is distributed leadership? What does the evidence say? And, can it work for your school? Professor Alma Harris, an expert in this area. Great leadership is at the heart of every high-quality public school. Within schools , leadership is most effective when it's distributed among a.

distributed leadership (DL) in order to identify its origins, key arguments and areas for substantial inroads into particular areas of theory and practice. Top-down leadership structures are being challenged as businesses evolve to be more nimble. Distributed leadership aims to make. Exactly what is distributed leadership? And how can it help to raise standards? School leader Ben Solly explains the three secrets to distributed.

The distributed leadership theory holds that educational leadership is often not held in one person, but is instead distributed among multiple individuals. A body . The Distributed Leadership. Study identified interdepen- dency as the primary charac- teristic of interactions among leaders. This theory has been informed by. PDF | Distributed leadership has caught the attention of researchers, theories. Distributed leadership is undoubtedly “the new kid on the block” (Gronn. This seminar with guest speaker Professor Jim Spillane was hosted by Robert Owen Centre for Educational Change and the Scottish College for Educational.