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You know what they say about

By Maladal

A phrase one would yell out when wishing to pressure a certain individual into entirely consuming their alcoholic beverage/s. They say "Bottoms up" or "Scull. —used to introduce a common saying or a statement that expresses a common belief Keep trying, and you'll figure it out. You know what they say: if at first you. You know what they say; a real doctor wouldn't put the pickle fork in the cheese drawer.

In boxing, they say it's the punch you don't see coming that knocks you out. . You know what they say the difference between a hockey mom and a pit bull is?. The You Know What They Say About X trope as used in popular culture. A phrase often used to disparage X, where X is a group with a number of negative . If you have time, leave us a note. This page was last edited on 26 April , at Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike.

You know what they say: absence makes the heart grow fonder. It's common just to say the first part of the famous saying. Everyone knows the rest of it, so it's not. A sane 6 is far better than a crazy 8. Women (i ssuppose this could apply to guys as well?) that are on the wild side often are adventuress when it comes to sex. Who are they? That's simple, it's those guy's over there. I believe they are as being referred to the old wives, the opinionated elderly women who once were stay. Sara Shepard — 'You know what they say about hope. It breeds eternal misery!'.