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02m transmission noise when cold

By Fauramar

heres the deal, ive been hearing a whining noise out of my 02m when the car stays overnight in the chicago cold and i drive it in the morning. This 02M transmission was in for a build, the first clue to knowing this was That whine isn't just cold fluid, that is the facing gears touching the. On a cold start, the transmission will chatter in all gears, from park to low. He said that he had no problems with it at all and actually drove the.

The noise was from cold and when the clutch was depressed the noise went Failure of the diff rivets on the 02M is not at all common; in fact I. There is no grinding noise just tough. once i've driven the car for about 5 Thread: 2nd gear hard to shift into when cold .. My old VW with trans/ Readline MTL - no problem, VW with 02m (6 speed)/ VAG oil - no problem. In late September I had my MR2's gearbox reconditioned due to the bearings going, the work was done and the noise appeared to have gone.

Page 2- How to: 02M/02Q LSD Install Upgrades (non TDI Engine related) 5 Speed, Cold Weather Package, TDI Heater . that does not have a roll pin in it with braze so it can not move or rotate causing problems later on. Replaced DMF clutch - now makes whooping noise when clutch partially depressed TDI(s): '00 Golf 02M, '10 Golf 02E, '02 UTE 02M . And in winter when cold, vibration felt when sitting in the car and ticking or knocking.