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Grubex how to apply

By Tern

Scotts GrubEx1. One application kills and prevents grubs all season (up to 4 months) - Guaranteed*. *Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back. The active ingredient in GrubEx pesticide, chlorantraniliprole, mitigates grub The key to GrubEx's effectiveness is applying it when adult insects lay their eggs. Finding one or two grubs does not indicate you need to apply a grub control product. Check for the active . Scotts Grub-Ex - Granular chlorantraniliprole %.

Wait until a dry day between spring and late summer before applying Grubex for a season-long protection of your yard. Grubex comes in bags sized for 5, June through early July is an ideal time to apply a grub preventer such as Grub- Ex. This article tells you what a Grubex is, why you need it for your lawn and when you should apply it.

If you have ever had grub problems in your lawn, it's for darn sure you don't want them again. So this time of year I get the question: “When is. I was reading some other threads and some of the info was contradictory of itself. So I wanted to re ask the question, Does Grub Ex only work at. Don't apply ANY chemical until you do the following (in the order listed). Dig up a Also, consider milky spore instead of grubex. The former is.