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How old is diego costa brazil

By Vura

Diego da Silva Costa is a professional footballer who plays as a striker for Atl├ętico Madrid and the Spain national team. Born and raised in Brazil, Costa began. One of the highest profile examples in the past few years was Diego Costa, who swapped Brazil for Spain, but he is by no means alone. Diego Costa didn't take long to make his mark on the World Cup. player who refuses to wear the shirt of the Brazilian national team and.

Diego Costa is a Brazilian-born Spanish international professional footballer who opted to switch allegiance to Spain after being granted citizenship, despite. Diego Costa plays for Spain and not Brazil because he was sold as a young player And the major siurce of income, even for the really big teams is selling your. Costa was born in Logarto, Brazil, but had many unnsuccessful tryouts with local clubs there. He was then discovered by agent Jorge Mendes.

Diego Costa, who scored twice in Spain's draw with Portugal, has said he would relish the chance to face Brazil, the country of his birth. Name in Home Country / Full Name: Diego da Silva Costa. Date of Birth: Oct 7, Place of Birth: Lagarto Brazil. Age: Height: 1,86 m. Nationality: Spain.