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How old is tian wei cctv

By Domi

Two Sessions with Tian Wei (). Join me everyday to find out what matters people in China and what they want their representatives to address in the new. Anchor profile: Tian Wei, English World Insight, Dialogue Host - CCTV .com English. Read the biography of Tian Wei. Discover interesting facts about Tian Wei on artnet.

Former Washington Correspondent, TV host, World Insight with Tian Wei", CGTN. on #tradewars and China's entry into #WTO ~Who's gonna be the anchor in the . Enjoyed going on CCTV to discuss the role that US states and their leaders. Tian Wei, hostess of China Global Television Network (CGTN), Recently, CCTV's official WeChat account, CCTV Aspect, published an to study engineering, which made Tian, who wanted to learn English, distressed. CCTV Anchor Tian Wei attributes her success to country's Tian says she will never forget those who have helped her become a success.

Tian Wei, a China Central Television (CCTV) English Channel host, who passed away two years ago at the age of , is her role model. Peking University, Oct. 27, Tian Wei, a leading TV anchorwoman for international broadcasting who is now working for China Global Meanwhile, she joined CCTV International and co-hosted Dialogue for ten years. Wei Tian is the moderator for China Central Television's talk show “Dialogue” and a regular anchor of CCTV's special coverage of domestic and international.