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How to do raidens fatality mkx

By Nikoll

You must discover the remaining Fatalities and Brutalities by performing them at the end of a match or unlocking them in the Krypt. If you perform a Fatality. Every character on Mortal Kombat X's roster has two Fatalities they can use at the end It's worth noting that MKX also lets you earn easy versions of these Fatalities by Raiden. Bug Eyes: Forward, Back, Forward, [SQUARE/X] (Close range). Fatalities - Mortal Kombat X: This page contains all of codes/button The video below has all of them for easy viewing, but to perform them.

Raiden. Bug Eyes (Close): right, left, right, Square or X; Conducting Rod (Far): down, right, left, right, Circle or B. No Caption Provided. For Mortal Kombat X on the PlayStation 4, Fatality List by drewrman. Raiden: Hold B during Brutality. - Sub-Zero: Hold 2 during Brutality. Tubs Of Fun: B, F+4 . Must do 3 BELLY BASHES or FLYING KICKS (B, F+4) during the match. Raiden's Fatality: Conducting Rod (Far) Mortal Kombat XL If you do not have an account, you need to Register to comment. It's a free and quick process.

Breakdown of the input commands for every Fatality on Xbox One and PS4. Now includes Mortal Kombat - Raiden - Fatalities. Bug Eyes. Don't wait to unlock content in the Krypt, just follow the instructions below to earn every secondary fatality. Note: Every character in MKX has two fatalities. Raiden. Fatality #2: (Far). PS: Down, Forward, Back, Forward +.