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How to pour watercolors

By Faelmaran

Pouring watercolors can help you loosen up your paintings and create livelier backgrounds. Follow along as this accomplished watercolor artist. Jean Grastorf demonstrates her signature watercolor technique of pouring transparent colors directly onto the paper in this art lesson from . Today, Linda Baker will demonstrate the basic techniques for pouring watercolors, as well as explain how she uses masking to control the flow.

Pouring watercolor technique Page 2 Watercolor Beginner, Watercolor Tips, Watercolor Painting .. Painting Techniques: Pouring Transparent Watercolor. pouring liquid color, fingers with watercolor, controlling paint flow, Pouring Watercolors, Linda Baker creates a gorgeously colorful painting using 3 primary. Step by step watercolor pouring demo by Artist Barbara Sailor.

Watercolors are so versatile and a great medium to encourage creativity. Read on to find our how we explored Pour Painting with Watercolors.