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How to remove steering knuckle bolts

By Zulukinos

Nov 18, the top bolt of the two bolts that hold the steering knuckle to the strut. If that effort totally fails I suggest that you remove the knuckle and strut. Jan 27, So what's the trick to breaking the steering knuckle bolts loose I'm not % sure which bolts on the knuckle your trying to remove?. After placing a matchmark on the camber adjusting bolt head, remove the bolts which connect the steering knuckle and strut, and disconnect the wheel knuckle.

Remove steering outer socket and cotter pin at steering knuckle, then loosen mounting nut. Remove strut assembly and steering knuckle bolts and nuts. Anyway, everything was going just fine till I got to this steering knuckle pinch bolt. The nut came undone no problem. But, I can not get the bolt. Front Disc Brake Caliper Attaching Bolts. 3. Remove the disc brake caliper from the steering knuckle. Caliper is removed by first rotating top of caliper away from .